Daughter Survey Created for C. Lynn Williams

I am writing a book about the relationship experiences that many fathers & daughters face and how to move past those that are less positive without getting stuck. Your honest responses are most appreciated.

* 1. Do you know your father?

* 2. Did he live in the same house as you when you were growing up?

* 3. What is the age of your father

* 4. What is your favorite memory about time spent with your father

* 5. How did (does) he treat you?

* 6. Do you feel that things got in the way of having a relationship with your

* 7. If you could talk to him, what would you say?

* 8. Is your father still living?

* 9. If you could change anything about your relationship with your dad,
what would it be?

* 10. How has your relationship with your dad affected your love relationships?