1. Survey

We are a group of students from River Valley High School doing project work.

Our group would like to propose placing Braille buttons beside electronic bus arrival time information panels found in Singapore bus stops. This serves to help a blind board or alight from a bus. Braille is a tactile system of raised dots representing letters of the alphabet. Braille has been an effective means of communication for people who are blind and has been used for lift buttons for the convenience of the blind. Commuters would have to stay clear of the area with the Braille buttons so as to allow better accessibility to the blind.

Our group also proposes to build a voiceover system similar to those found in MRTs of Singapore on buses. The voiceover system will announce the next approaching stop so that the blind people can alight at the right stop.

* 1. Do you take public transport? (Buses, Mrt trains)

* 2. Please select your age group.

* 3. Do you know how a blind person usually boards or alights from a bus?

* 4. Have you helped a blind person board or alight from a bus before?

* 5. Do you think it is necessary to make travelling more convenient for the blind?

* 6. Would you be willing to cooperate and bear with the slight inconvenience due to the implementation of this new system?

* 7. What would your concerns include? (You may tick more than one.)

* 8. On a scale of 1-5, how much benefit do you think this project will bring to people? (1 being the least and 5 being the most)

* 9. Do you have any suggestions which may help us improve our project? Any other comments? (Please propose at least one suggestion) (: