Please answer the following questions as they pertain to your child's school. If you have a child at more than one school, complete a survey for each school.

* 4. I view my child’s grades online on a regular basis.

* 5. I use social media to keep up with the happenings at my child's school.

* 6. I monitor my child’s homework.

* 7. I have been informed of my child's progress throughout the school year

* 8. The school provides challenging learning experiences for my child.

* 9. The teachers and staff are willing to assist if my child needs additional help.

* 10. My child’s efforts and accomplishments are recognized by the school.

* 11. I make school attendance a priority for my child.

* 12. I feel welcome at my child's school.

* 13. The administration is friendly and helpful.

* 14. I have access to the school administrators.

* 15. Campus administrators respond to my concerns

* 16. I am treated with courtesy and respect by the school staff.

* 17. I am satisfied with the guidance/counseling program.

* 18. I am pleased with the extra programs

* 19. I can communicate with my child’s teachers easily.

* 20. I know what behavior is expected of my child at school.

* 21. Discipline is handled in a fair and consistent manner.

* 22. I feel my child is safe at school.

* 23. My child’s school is a drug and alcohol free environment.

* 24. Violence is not an issue at my child’s school.

* 25. I am aware of the Online School Safety Reporting System.

* 26. The school facilities are well maintained.

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