Physical Education and Physical Activity in Tennessee Schools

Aware of the barriers that schools face when integrating physical activity into the instructional day (such as scheduling challenges and budgeting), Tennessee introduced a law in 2006 requiring that every student shall receive 90-minutes of physical activity per week, during instructional time. Each school is required to document the number of minutes of physical activity and physical education (PA/PE) that are offered during the school day.

This law was updated in 2017, and schools are considered to be compliant with the law when most students are meeting the required minutes of physical activity.  However, a school is deemed non-compliant when the majority of students fail to receive the mandated minimum minutes. 
The new minute requirements are as follows:
-130 minutes of physical activity each full school week for all elementary school students.  Elementary schools must offer at least one period of physical activity that is at least 15 minutes each day.
-90 minutes of physical activity each full school week for middle and high school students.
In addition to the health benefits, student physical activity may help improve academic performance including academic achievement (e.g., grades, standardized test scores); academic behavior (e.g., on-task behavior, attendance); and factors that can positively influence academic achievement (e.g. concentration, attention, improved classroom behavior) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010).

Your data will be analyzed to show the percent of compliance and noncompliance by school and by grade. Additionally, a similar report representing the state will be prepared for presentation to Tennessee’s legislators.

Report due date for 2020-21: 

May 30, 2022