MOMocrats Readers -- Tell Us Who You Are!

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Dear Readers and Supporters of MOMocrats,
Please help us by taking a short 10-question survey telling us more about yourself. We're trying to get a sense of what our priorities should be heading into the next electoral cycle. How can we serve you best? What would you like to see the MOMocrats do? How can we all increase our political power, and get the policy changes we want?

A few things about the survey: the information you provide is 100% anonymous, with no identifying data, even if you fill it out after clicking the link on Facebook. We don't collect any personal information. We respect and protect your privacy.

Thanks so much for participating! Please respond by Weds, Aug 3, 3 pm PST. Your input will help guide us as we think about how to win this electoral cycle, and create a world that reflects our values as women (and men) who insist that our country evolve.

The MOMocrats

* 1. What is your gender and a general description of your racial identity? Where do you live (be as general or specific as you wish)?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. How would you describe your political affiliation or affiliations? (You can choose more than one.)

* 4. What are the last elections you voted in during the past 20 years? (Check 2012 if you plan to be a voter in the upcoming presidential election.)

* 5. What are your goals for the next election (local/state/national), and how can the MOMocrats help you achieve them? What would you like to see MOMocrats do in preparation for the upcoming elections?

* 6. Do you live with a registered voter?

* 7. If yes, you live with registered voter(s), who are they in relation to you and what is their voting behavior?

  Voter Non-voter
Child over 18
Adult child over 22
Your parent(s) (55+)

* 8. Describe the general political dispositions of the other voters in your household.

  Liberal Conservative Moderate Liberal Libertarian Conservative Libertarian Mixed views
Child over 18
Adult child over 25
Your parents (55+)

* 9. What would you like to say about the other voters, if any, in your household? If you have nothing to say about them or in addition to those comments, you can list the top issues that concern you in the upcoming election.

* 10. How would you describe the political affiliations of the majority of people in the following places in your community?