To serve you at the best of my capacities, I would like to ask you a few minutes of your time to share your challenges, needs and desires with me.

I am planning a masterclass for busy professionals and would like to include your thoughts as a loyal reader. The topic of my masterclass will become clear when I know what is on your mind...

Thank you so much for your time!

* What are your biggest struggles you are coming up against on a daily basis?

* What are you most frustrated by in your work and in your life? For example,
constant overwhelm, performing under your potential, low energy levels, lack of support systems...

* What do you want to achieve in the next year and what difference would that make to your life?

* What do you think you need to be more productive and to give the best of yourself effortlessly?

* What do you think you need to be more happy in your life?

* What strategies have you tried to improve your situation? What worked, what didn't?

* About you... Are you a

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Thank you for taking the time to tell me more about your wishes and help me customize my services to your needs.

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