* 1. 1) Do you feel as though the information/stories put into local newspapers are exciting to read?

* 2. 2) The average amount of pages put into a local newspaper is 40. Do you think this is a satisfiable amount of information for it to hold?

* 3. 3) Do you think the image below is a good layout for a local newspaper?


* 4. 4) Do you think that Local Newspapers should charge you for it if you do not get it delivered to you weekly?

* 5. 5) Do you feel as though a local Newspaper should consist of a 3 colour palette?

* 6. 6) Do you think that advertisements act as an important role for Local Newspapers?

Modern versus Traditional?

Modern versus Traditional?

* 7. 7) From the image above, do you feel that Local Newspapers should be presented in it's current form, or back to it's original form?

* 8. 8) The use of ink to create a Newspaper is extremely costly,do you think the limited price for ink should be set lower?