Waiheke - A Complete Community: keeping it that way

A complete community covers the full spectrum of society. All ages, stages and walks of life.

When communities gentrify and housing becomes desirable, complete communities devolve into elite communities; their character dies. In order to prevent this, parallel markets must be created so that all can afford to rent or buy a home.
The purpose of this questionnaire is to identity members of our Waiheke community who want to rent or buy, but are finding themselves priced out of the market. The objective is then...
  • to convince the Council to enable affordable housing (mostly a matter of resource consents and keeping costs of building down)
  • to convince the community that this is important
  • to invite wealthy benefactors/philanthropists to invest in the long-term well-being of the community that they love
  • to put all that together so we actually build affordable housing now, not ten years down the track...
Build housing that is...
  • affordable, not cheap
  • interesting, not boring
  • beautiful, not plain
  • soulful, not cold
  • loved by those living in it, and those who see it
  • environmentally, socially & culturally sustainable

* 1. Please Identify your Housing Demographic
You may answer for yourself, or for an employee

* 2. Are you answering for yourself or someone else?

* 3. What can you afford per week either to rent or to buy a home?
Traditionally 1/3rd of after-tax income should go for rent or mortgage.
To Buy: See KiwiBank calculator for how we calculated weekly to mortgage
Most mortgages require a downpayment, for simplicity we set it at zero

* 4. Do you want to buy or rent?

* 5. What type of housing would you prefer

* 6. EMPLOYERS: How many, and what type of staff housing do you need? 
Please answer in detail or contact us.


To support affordable housing on Waiheke, there are many approaches.
  • Me Aroha Waiheke Foundation is a tax-deductible charitable trust.
  • It will set up Social Enterprises to build affordable housing.
  • Property Investment Funds with long-term loans can be used
  • Make a suggestion!
If you want to help, please use the contact tab at www.aroha.net.

* 8. This document is a way of creating a list of people looking for affordable housing. Your information will be used for us to communicate with you. It will not be sold or given to 3rd parties other than already mentioned in the introduction. When we do get to the point where housing comes online, if there are more people than houses, we will use this list first-come, first served.

Note: someone asked if they could answer anonymously. Answer: Sort of...  If you really don't want to be known, go to gmail (or other free email service) and set up a new email just for this survey (like house1234@gmail.com) and in the other personal fields, just type "anon". Then please be sure to remember your private email address and password, because that is the only way you will hear from us. But please only do this if you really must. It's a whole lot more powerful when we can say to the Council and public "we have X number of names", rather than "we have Y number of names, plus Z number of Anonymous" People power is standing up to be counted. Hope that is clear.