Thank you for helping identify the important Treasury issues of 2020.

For each of the three treasury functions below, check the appropriate boxes.   In the first column, check those activities for which you anticipate major focus and improvement in 2020.  In the second column, check those activities for which your would be interested in having peer benchmarks.  Check all that apply.  It's OK to check both columns for any activity.

Question Title

* 1. Financial functions?

  Area of major focus I'd like benchmarks on this.
Financial risk management, FX and IR
Pension and benefits
Access to credit
Commodity price-level risks
Bank/Merchant card service fees
Supply chain finance
Short-term investments
External reporting (SEC, rating agencies, etc.)
Cash repatriation
Bank relationship management
Working capital management
Balance sheet optimization

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* 2. Operational functions?

  Area of major focus I'd like benchmarks on this.
Best practices
Process documentation
Inbound receipts
Foreign exchange execution
Banking services
Cash forecasting
Outbound payments
Treasury management systems
New technologies, mobile, web
Investment portals
Operational efficiency
Pooling structures
Cyber security
Regulatory compliance
ERP systems
Shared service centers

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* 3. Organizational functions?

  Area of major focus I'd like benchmarks on this.
Treasury staffing levels and skill sets
Support for acquisitions
Integration with business units
Treasury functional organization
Cross-department initiatives
Support for divestitures
Centralizing or decentralizing treasury functions

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* 4. Demographic info. (required if you'd like to receive the executive summary of results.)

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