Holt CStore Customer Survey

* 1. Which store did you visit today?

* 2. Please rate the following based on today's experience.

  Did not meet expectaions Did meet expectations Exceeded expectations
How would you rate the cleanliness?
How would you rate the ease and speed of the shopping experience?

* 3. What is the primary item you came to purhase today (listed alpabetically) ?

* 5. If you answered "Yes" or "No" to the above question, please choose a reason for your answer.

* 6. Cstore is actively involved in our schools and community charities.  Is that important to you?

* 7. Do you feel Cstore consistently has products in stock and available to purchase?

* 8. Pease note additonal details regarding this visit.

* 9. How can we improve your next CStore visit?

* 10. Address