We’re interested in learning more about the voting experiences and needs of those with ASD.

Please share your story below. If preferred, you can choose for your response to be kept anonymous, and your story will be shared without association to your name. 

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* 2. Connection to autism

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* 3. Share your story.

Things to mention include, but are not limited to:
  • Are you/your loved one with autism an eligible voter?
  • Have you/your loved one voted in the past? If not, please share insight on how the individual with autism would likely need to be supported to vote.
  • What voting accommodations are you/your loved one aware of?
  • What voting accommodations have you/your loved one used or would you anticipate needing (for future voters)?
  • Have you/your loved one had unmet needs when voting?
  • Have you/your loved one been discouraged from exercising your/their right to vote?
  • Examples of voting experiences.
There is no word limit.

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