* 1. Overall, how would you rate our company?

* 2. (Appearance) How was the overall appearance of the moving crew? (in-uniform and well-groomed)

* 3. (Communication) How well did your movers communicate with you?

* 4. (Attitude) How was the overall attitude of the movers? (Were they polite and courteous? Were they helpful?)

* 5. (Professionalism) How well did our movers demonstrate professionalism? (How well would you rate their knowledge about moving and the overall care taken of your belongings?)

* 6. (Timeliness) How well do you think the movers did at using the best of your time?

* 7. Would you refer us to a friend?

* 8. What are some areas where we can improve our service?

* 9. Customer First Name / Date of Move: