Hi Everyone!

Thank you for registering for Waterpolo Academy Term 2: 24th April - 25th June 2017 (inclusive). We are pleased to have formalised our alliance with Waterpolo QLD (click here for more information) and have designed a schedule to maximise the opportunity to learn, grow and have a great time.

Term 2, 9 week block dates are:
Monday 24th April - Sunday 25th June (inclusive)  

Session days and times (all at the Valley Pool) are as follows:

Senior Squad (Born 2000, 2001 and 2002)
- Monday & Wednesday 6pm-730pm
- Saturday 230pm-430pm  (incl. land drills)

Intermediate (Born 2003, 2004)
- Tuesday & Thursday 5pm - 630pm
- Sunday 10am -12pm (inclu land drills)

Junior (Born 2005, 2006, 2007)
- Tuesday & Thursday 4pm - 5pm
- Sunday 930am-1030am

Swim4polo (All ages)
- Wednesday & Friday 6am-715am

Please fill out a form PER PLAYER (a pain we know, but we have tried to make it as easy as possible). NOTE once you submit your registration a confirmation email will be sent with further information.

We will do our best to accomodate everyone, please email Simon at academywaterpolo@gmail.com if you have any tricky questions. We look forward to seeing everyone and thanks for your continued support of Academy Waterpolo.

Note: Little League Waterpolo is our program for 6-10 year olds, there is no need to register, just see our website for dates and times and turn up on the day.  

* 1. Player name & DOB

* 2. Have you trained with us before?

* 3. I am signing up for:

* 4. Best contact for email updates

* 5. Player Disclaimer
  • I agree to comply with the rules & regulations of the Valley Pool laid down by the management and Academy Waterpolo.
  • I acknowledge that Just Sports n Fitness, Valley Pool Brisbane, Academy Water Polo, or staff are not responsible for any injury I might sustain throughout the duration of the Academy Waterpolo sessions (or the like).
  • I will not bring, maintain or prosecute any associated persons, in respect of injury sustained during any session or the like, and agree that this clause may be placed as a complete bar to any such claim.
  • I declare that all named player’s health is adequate to participate in all of the Academy Waterpolo activities without any detriment to their current health status.

Thanks for registering for the 2017 Term 2 Academy Waterpolo Season - in a few minutes you will receive confirmation of  your registration and payment details.
Our website (www.academywaterpolo.com) has additional information about the Academy.
Feel free to come and have a chat on pool deck or call Simon on 0411 429 529.