1. Two Questions


I'm putting together a training system to teach you how to build great Joomla websites. I'll first teach you a solid foundation of web development basics and principles, then teach you every little thing Joomla is capable of, then delve deeply into more advanced topics like SEO, AdSense and other revenue streams, custom PHP development, and much much more. I will use specific real-world examples with actual code and show you exactly how I create solutions on my own websites.

However, I need your help. I don't want to finish and release this program until I am sure that it will teach you EVERYTHING you want to learn about. Please take just a few minutes to answer this super-short survey - there are only 2 questions:

* 1. What are the 2 topics about Joomla and/or Web Development that you most want to learn about and become an expert in? You may list more than 2 if necessary.

* 2. Which internet browser do you use? Please check all that apply.