Club Pilates - Mat Pilates Class at the QuickChek NJ Festival of Ballooning. 

Sunday, July 29th at 8:15am 

We are thrilled to welcome Club Pilates who will be hosting a mat class at the festival! Whether you are an experienced athlete looking to step up your training, or you're simply looking to start a new fitness routine, Pilates creates a strong foundation of balance, strength, mobility and flexibility. Bring your own mat and come join our Club Pilates instructor for an energizing experience before a fun-filled day with the balloons!

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Please note: Each person wishing to participate in our 2018 Club Pilates - Mat Pilates Class must register individually to reserve their spot. Registering for the 2018 Club Pilates - Mat Pilates Class goes not provide your admission into the festival. You MUST purchase an admission ticket to the QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning to participate in the 2018 Club Pilates - Mat Pilates Class. Tickets are available at Please be sure to bring your own mats for the class!