If you want to unlock the potential of Daily Deal Marketing in your city, town or neighborhood, simply answer the following questions. We will keep all of your responses private and contact you right away. Thanks, we look forward to working with you!

* 1. How did you hear about Deal Co-op?

* 2. General Information

* 3. Tell us a little bit about your organization, current size, and your role within the organization.

* 4. How many subscribers does your organization have on their e-mail list?

* 5. Do you regularly send e-mail newsletters? If so, how often?

* 6. Please rate your familiarity in the following areas and technologies

  Never heard of it I've heard the term, but don't know much I know the basics Very familiar Expert, I could explain it to my grandmother
E-mail Marketing
Online Advertising
Daily Deal Marketing
Living Social

* 7. How many businesses do you or does your organization personally know that would be interested in daily deal marketing?

* 8. How will you tell potential advertisers about your new daily deal store?

* 9. Rate your organizations strengths

  1 (Nonexistent) 2 (Poor) 3 (Average) 4 (Above Average) 5 (Expert Level)
Writing and Editorial
Graphic Design
Timeliness and Organization

* 10. Do you know other local organizations that would be interested in working with you in a co-operative manner?