Welcome to Albion Dams Feasibility Study Update and Survey

The City of Albion along with several project partners are studying the feasibility of removing 5 dams on the Kalamazoo River within City limits.

The goals for this project are:
Remove barriers to fish passage by
     ·         Improving connectivity and habitat availability
     ·         Improving access for mussels
Restore stream function utilizing
     ·         reach-scale connectivity
     ·         geomorphic process (including sediment transport)
Soften shoreline
     ·         Improving floodplain connectivity and conveyance
     ·         Adding riparian habitat
     ·         Replacing aging hardened infrastructure
Maintain or improve recreational amenities and opportunities for
     ·         Fishing
     ·         Navigation for kayaking/canoeing
     ·         Site aesthetics
     ·         Signage/public engagement
     ·         Educational opportunities
Reduce public safety hazards
The Objectives for this project are to achieve the project goals while…
     ·         Minimizing impacts to natural resources
     ·         Minimizing impacts to remaining infrastructure (Haven Street, Hannah Street)
     ·         Mitigating impacts to the historical and cultural assets such as the forks in the river and the Festival of the Forks
     ·         Minimizing maintenance requirements
Thank you for participating. Your feedback is important.

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