Please answer all 4 questions. The questionnaire will only take 2 – 3 minutes to complete.

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* 2. Please identify which work colleagues you discuss technological issues with at least once a week? [Please check all that apply]

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* 3. How often do you use the following information sources to keep up-to-date with technological developments?

  Several times a day Once a day Once every two days Once a week Once every two weeks Once a month More seldom
{Firm Name} colleagues in other departments
Contacts outside {Firm Name} that you know personally (including face-to-face, phone, and email contacts)
Academic and trade publications
Internet (other than accessing journal papers i.e. websites, discussion forums, wikis, blogs)

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* 4. Please identify sources outside of the R&D Group who are important in terms of providing you with information to do your work? [e.g. a specific website or contacts in another organisation]