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* 1. Do you feel generally comfortable speaking to your immediate line manager about problems or issues that concern you at work?

* 2. How often do you feel you can't openly raise an issue of concern with your immediate line manager or other more senior managers?

* 3. Think of a specific instance in your current job where you have felt you could not, or should not, speak openly about a certain issue or issues. Please identify the issue, by either checking or putting an X against one of the options suggested or by adding a description under 'other'.

* 4. What made you feel you could not speak about it? (Please rank order the three most important by putting a number [1,2 or 3] next to it.

* 5. What do you think would have happened if you had expressed your concerns?

* 6. Are there general kinds of issues that you can’t raise with your boss or others above you? If yes, please indicate what these are.

* 7. If you identified issues in question 6: what inhibits you from speaking up about these types of issues or concerns (please rank order the three most important)

* 8. If you identified issues in question 6: Do you think your immediate colleagues share this feeling of unease/comfort?

* 9. Please indicate your gender and the 'home country' of the organisation you based the above answers on.

* 10. Please feel free to offer any further comments on the issues raised in this survey. Thank you.