Thanks for your interest in V a l l e y  V o i c e.  Web link to this form:

The site is in HARRISONBURG, Va 22801.   As a unit of W M R A,

our facility is in the W M R A bldg.  SCROLL DOWN for the form.

* 1.

Live readers need a 2-hour block of time available each week (assuming 20 min each way for transit, 20 min for prep, 60 min for reading).

When (between 8:30am and 3:30pm) do you have a weekly 2-hour availability?

  Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

* 2.

Volunteers able to bring in certain periodicals can save the organization's resources.

Are you a subscriber or buyer of any newspapers (Richmond Times, Wash. Post, Wash. Times, etc)

or magazines (Smithsonian, Popular Science, Scientific American, Readers Digest, etc)

or Virginia periodicals (Albemarle, C-Ville, VIRGINIA, Virginia Living, VQR, etc)

and if so, which ones? (please explain)


* 3. Check below to "agree" with the above item:

* 4. Please grade yourself on the following:

Reading aloud
Sitting for an hour
Schedule reliability
Following instructions
Using a computer mouse

* 5.

While reading for the organization, one must be unbiased and neutral;

no political or religious activism while on duty. Please check below to agree:

* 6.

Are you volunteering as an individual or with a group affiliation

(temple, church, civic organization),  and if group-affiliated, what is your group?

Also, from where did you hear about us?

* 7.

Our vols read aloud for broadcast.

Do you have any useful prior experience

(radio work, theatre, teaching, preaching, auctioneering)? 

* 8.

We are a unit of W M R A.

Contact info will not be shared outside of W M R A.

Please let us know how to reach you: