* 1. How many people are employed in your business?

* 2. Where is your business located?

* 3. If your business is currently selling online what market is the main focus?.

* 4. Which of the following best describes your business?

* 5. Roughly what is the annual turnover of your business?

* 6. In your mind what are the biggest Challenges Irish Businesses face when trying to sell online successfully (list on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being a very large challenge and 5 something you feel is not very significant)

  Very Big Challenge Big Challenge A Challenge A Minor Challange Not Something that Concerns You
Costs associated with fulfilling orders to customers (delivery charges plus packaging costs)
Set-up and development costs associated with building an E-commerce website.
Poor broadband speeds where you are based.
Lack of access to good broadband speeds in Ireland preventing customers from buying.
Lack of post codes in the country (except in Dublin) is leading to delays in orders reaching customers.
It’s hard to compete on price with multi-channel sellers on the likes of Amazon and Ebay.
It’s hard to compete on price with UK companies selling similar products.
Cost per click advertising (Google Ad words) too expensive.
Very difficult to get website pages ranked high on search engines like Google.
Email marketing strategy not providing any good returns.
Lack of technical knowledge amongst staff.
Website is not smart phone friendly
We are having major issues with fraudulent payments.
Merchant charges are too expensive.
People are coming to the website and registering but not going ahead with the order.
Social media accounts like facebook and twitter are failing to deliver customers for our business
We are simply finding very difficult to get traffic to our website

* 7. If selling online through your own website what E-commerce platform are you using?

* 8. Does your company measure traffic coming to your website through Google analytics or other traffic measurement tools?

* 9. Which of the following does your business use to generate traffic to your website?

* 10. Ecomevents will be running workshops and training programmes throughout Ireland to help Irish Businesses sell online better. If you would like to get information on upcoming training programmes and
workshops please submit your email address below. Please also add any additional comments which you feelare important when considering ways to help Irish businesses sell online more effectively.