General Questions

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this survey. Your responses will aid the transportation industry in determining your needs and designing the next-generation information and reporting system. Please answer each question to the best of your knowledge and understanding. Each question has a space provided to respond with any additional comments that you may wish to contribute. You may include clarifications, examples, recommendations, or even "I didn't understand the question."

Any question marked with a red asterisk () indicates the question requires an answer.

* 1. Which location represents your home area, area of work responsibility, or primary area of concern as a stakeholder interested in road weather information? Please select one answer.

* 2. What age range are you in?

* 3. Indicate the level of importance of each of the weather events in your operational decision support process using a scale of 1 to 10, taking into account both frequency and severity of the event. (Use 1 for not important and 10 for extremely important.)

Not Important
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Extremely Important
Drizzle or Light Rain
Moderate to Heavy Rain
Severe Thunderstorms
Flurries or Light Snow
Moderate to Heavy Snow
Blizzard Conditions
Sleet or Freezing Rain
Freezing Drizzle or Freezing Fog
High Winds
Blowing Snow
Bridge or Road Frost
Blowing Sand or Dust
Smoke, Mist, Fog, Smog, or Haze
Extreme Heat
Extreme Cold

* 4. Rate each of the following road weather information in terms of its usefulness in support of your decision-making:

  Not Useful Somewhat Useful Very Useful Not Applicable
Map-based regional weather information
Site-specific weather information
Local ESS weather conditions
Other local weather station conditions
Camera images
Highway radio advisories
Weather radar images
Weather satellite images
National Weather Service warnings
Marine information

* 5. How effective do you feel the following communications options are for getting the information you want?

  Not at all
Internal agency or company network (Intranet)
Electronic mail (E-mail)
Pager/Text Message
TV / Radio
Agency radio

* 6. How would you best describe your work responsibilities or your weather information requirement that makes you a stakeholder in this Clarus program? Please select one answer.