Please answer the following survey from your perspective as a BEGINNING TANGO STUDENT! If you are not a beginner, (but are in fact an advanced tango dancer or are a tango teacher)... think back and put your self in the mind set of when you were first learning to dance tango! (There are 13 questions in this survey.)

* 1. Within the tango community I am a (choose as many as like) [This is the first question for Effective Teaching Methods.]:

* 2. I've been dancing tango for...

* 3. When you were a beginner, what TEACHER QUALITIES were most important to you for successfully learning tango?

Not Very
Very Important
Extremely Important!
Good communication skills.
Spent time explaining the "culture" of tango.
Funny and entertaining.
Danced with you during the class.
Good listener and observer (empathetic).
Understood the mechanics of tango.
Methodical and organized.
Flexible and creative in the classroom.
Good dancer.
Knew your name.

* 4. In your personal experience, what additional teacher qualities not listed above did you find to be most effective?
(Feel free to expand and/or clarify any of the qualities listed above.)

* 5. In your very first 6-8 week group class for ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S, what general concepts and principles
were, or should have been, taught, emphasized and practiced.

No, Never!
Probably Not
If there's time
Yes, Probably
Timing and rhythm.
Technique for walking forward.
Open Embrace.
Leaders should wait for the follow to complete her step before leading another.
Contra body motion.
Maintaining one's axis.
Overcoming the emotional hurdle of close embrace.
History of Tango.
Close Embrace (V-Shape).
Techniques for Following.
Milonga (the dance).
Technique for walking backward.
Disassociation in rotation between shoulders and hips.
Techniques for Leading.
Followers should wait for the lead (not anticipate).
Maintaining line of dance.
Collecting the feet.
Close Embrace (Apilado).

* 6. In your experience as a beginning student, what additional concepts and principles not listed above did you find to be most effective?
(Again, feel free to expand or clarify any topic already listed above.)

* 7. In your first tango class for BEGINNERS, which of the following specific elements were or should have been been taught and emphasized more.

No Never.
Probably Not
If There's Time
Probably Yes
Ocho cortado.
Forward ochos.
Eight count basic.
Check left turn.
Walking in place (marking time).
Side steps.
Walking in the cross-foot system.
Back ochos.
Walking forward and backward.

* 8. In your personal experience as a beginner student, what specific element not listed above should also be taught to absolute beginners?
(Also, feel free to expand on any of the topics listed above.)

* 9. Which of the following teaching techniques do you think were the most effective in your first ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S class.

Not Helpful
Average Worth
Good Idea
Extremely Worthwhile!
Having the follows dance with their eyes closed.
Asking students to demo and then critiquing them in front of the class.
Follow/lead visually without touching each other.
Walking around during group practice time and critiquing students individually.
Practice hugging each other.
Separating leaders/followers and teaching each group seperately.
Doing walking exercises in solo position (no partner).
Having men lead men.
Demonstrating with partner slowly while students follow along.
Having women lead men.
Having women lead women.
Clapping to the beat.
Changing partners often.

* 10. In your experience as a beginning student, what additional teaching techniques not listed above did you find were extremely effective and worhwhile?

* 11. For ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S CLASS, what style music do you think is most effective for learning Argentine tango.
Give answer as a percentage. (Total must be 100).

* 12. If you answered "Other", please identify...

* 13. What additional thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc not discussed in previous questions did you find highly effective in learning to dance Argentine

Thank you for completing this survey.

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