This short survey examines whether MOOC participants are using mobile devices to participate in the MOOC, and whether the MOOC features are mobile-friendly. Your responses are completely anonymous, and will be used to inform a roundtable discussion on mobile use as a global trend in open education:

This survey was created by Terese Bird; please direct any questions or comments to Terese on

* 1. What MOOC are you participating in and who runs it?

* 2. Are you participating in this MOOC using a mobile device? (You may select more than one reply.)

* 3. Are you able to access the MOOC's learning materials and features using the mobile device?

* 4. If you are having any trouble accessing the MOOC's learning materials or features, please can you briefly describe the problem.

Thank you very much for participating in this survey! Please join in the roundtable discussion on 11 March 2013; register here: