Market Access Survey

Are you interested in finding more markets for your farm products but don't know where or how? CADE is embarking on some intensive marketing and sales work on behalf of Catskills farmers and is here to help you! To start, please fill out this quick survey to tell us a little more about your farm. After we've reviewed your survey, we will follow-up to schedule a meeting to figure out best next steps!

Thank you for your time!

* 1. In the list below, please describe what your farm produces in each category, approximate quantities and whether or not you need marketing or sales assistance for any particular products.

* 2. If you are looking for more markets for your farm products, please indicate approximate volume you are looking to move (# of animals / pallets of produce / cases of jams, etc.). Indicate per week, month, or year as appropriate.

* 3. What processing capacity (if any) does your farm have (i.e. creamery, 5A poultry, 20C commercial kitchen, etc.)?

* 4. Where do you sell your products? (check all that apply)

* 5. What percentage of your household income comes from farming?

* 6. What do you need to meet your annual farm income goal and level of production? (please write description in the box next to any that apply)

* 7. Do you participate in any of the following local agricultural organizations? (check all that apply)

* 8. Are you available/interested to participate in a follow-up to this survey by phone or farm visit so we can best build our market access programming around your unique farm needs?

* 9. Is there anything you'd like to add about your farm goals and how you think CADE can help you to achieve them?

* 10. Contact Information