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Thank you for participating in this brief survey. New Entry Sustainable Farming Project will use your responses to this survey to determine how to best utilize resources in operating the Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU) and in meeting user preferences for the unit. Your input is valued in this process.

The MPPU is a poultry "slaughterhouse on wheels" that travels from farm to farm. Producers can lease the unit to process their own birds on their farm for direct markets, provided they meet all the regulatory requirements and have received appropriate food safety and MPPU operations training. The MPPU comes with poultry cones, a rotary scalder and plucker, chill tubs, hot-water hand wash sinks, and eviscerating stations. The producer is responsible for all labor; electrical, water, and propane hookups; an approved on-farm location; composting or appropriate solid waste and wastewater handling systems; labeling, packaging, weighing; and cold storage. Each producer must apply for a state slaughter license from the Mass Department of Public Health and receive local board of health approval from their town.

The MPPU is a viable option for farmers to process their birds for direct-to-consumer sales in the state of Massachusetts. Under the USDA Producer-Processor exemption, you can legally process your own birds that you have raised on your farm provided that the facility and process you use meets all USDA and Massachusetts Department of Public Health sanitary guidelines for poultry establishments. New Entry and the New England Small Farm Institute (NESFI) have partnered together to develop a regulatory process to approve a Mobile Poultry Processing Unit for commercial use by small-scale poultry producers in Massachusetts. There is currently one unit in operation, owned by NESFI in Belchertown, MA. New Entry is currently raising money to construct a second MPPU for use in Eastern MA.

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