Questionnaire investigating creativity

I am currently completing my dissertation investigating teachers perspectives of creativity in primary schools, By completing this questionnaire you will be helping me collect data. thank you

* 1. Please tell me what year you currently or previously taught?

* 2. 1. How would you define creativity?

* 3. 2. Before you became a teacher, what was your own experience of creativity?

* 4. 3. Before you became a teacher, what was your view on creativity?

* 5. 4. Has this view changed since becoming a teacher?

* 6. 5. How do you promote creativity in your lessons?

* 7. 6. Do you feel there is enough opportunities for creativity to be promoted in lessons?

* 8. 7. Do you feel the Government needs to promote creativity in schools more? If so, how can this be achieved?

* 9. 8. What do you feel are the benefits of creativity in schools?

* 10. 9. Is there anything else you would like to tell me?