Welcome to the nominations phase of the 11th VAR COC Awards.

Companies wishing to submit their entries for nominations in various Award categories, can simply select the categories they wish their company/brand/product names to be entered into.

They can additionally justify their case for each nomination with a 100-150 word write-up based on their performance in 2016. The nominations should be done by the respective Marketing Manager or a Senior Manager on behalf of the company.

Optionally, any additional information that can serve as collaterals to strengthen the case for a nomination, can be emailed to editor@var-mea.com. The subject line of the mail should refer to the nomination category being requested and should reach before the deadline.

The discretion of the Editor will be final in the case of nominee shortlists.

* 1. Nomination requested by

* 2. Please select category/ categories in which award nomination is sought? ( The category description that is given alongside for your reference)

* 3. Please submit the Nomination briefs / summaries in less than 150 words for each nomination you seek in one box. For each additional category that you wish to seek nomination, kindly enter the summary in a separate box. You can make each entry in a new text box from the multiple text boxes given as below and remember to mention the category name at the start of the paragraph:

1st Nomination category summary

* 4. 2nd Nomination category summary

* 5. 3rd Nomination category summary

* 6. 4th Nomination category summary

* 7. 5th Nomination category summary

* 8. 6th Nomination category summary

* 9. 7th Nomination category summary

* 10. 8th Nomination category summary

* 11. 9th Nomination category summary

* 12. 10th Nomination category summary