1. We need your input!

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Public Art Planners have been evaluating the Houghton Road Corridor from a cultural, historical, environmental, and aesthetic perspective. They have been working with the design team and community to identify significant art integration opportunities and to develop guidelines for the art and artist selection that will be implemented in the construction phase of the project. Please fill out this brief questionnaire. Your input is critical.

If you have an additional moment please browse the visual materials available at houghtonroad.info/art before filling out this questionnaire.

* 1. Please give the general location of you home and the number of years you have lived in this community.
What three words would you use to describe your neighborhood?

* 2. Describe what you like to do outdoors by yourself or with your family friends and neighbors? (ie walk the dog and meet a friend at the park)

* 3. Do you have any anecdotal stories, photos or history about your neighborhood or general area? What do you value most about your community?

* 4. Choose one or all of the art types below that you would like to see in your neighborhood?

* 5. Do you walk regularly along Houghton Road?

* 6. Do you cycle regularly along Houghton Road?

* 7. Do you drive regularly along Houghton Road?

* 8. If the artists created a unique and interesting art piece that was a destination or gathering spot, how far are you willing to walk or bike to see or gather at the artwork?

* 9. Have you seen any public art that you absolutely love here in Tucson or in another city? Please describe this art and why you love it. Absolutely do not love? Please describe this art and why you do not love it?

* 10. Please comment on any public art recommendations made so far. Recommendations can be found at houghtonroad.info/art