With 1.19 comes some challenges for older worlds...

With the additions of Allays, older worlds like Laurasia may miss out on the newer mobs. We've had issues like this before, and staff has historically gone around and "retrogenned" new mobs in for players to find and breed.

Allays, unfortunately, do not breed, and run the risk of extinction if left unchecked.

To combat this, a new feature is being planned for Creeper's Lab's 1.19 release to allow the /points command an option to generate the mob at the user's location. Some additional features are being considered along with this, but we need the community's input on the need/feel for these potential additions!

(For more info on /points, please check here!)

What we're considering is this; along with adding the option to spawn Allays, we could also include other mobs! Some of the other currently unavailable mobs (Trader Llamas, Zombie Horses, etc), some of the more difficult to work with mobs (Villagers, Pandas, etc), or just the option to create mobs in an area that may be lacking/unable to generate the mobs at all!

And this is where you come in; help us decide what would be the best use of this new feature, in the spirit of Creeper's Lab!

Question Title

* 1. Which option should we use for a potential /points mob feature?
(We are not currently considering adding Hostiles to this feature)

Question Title

* 2. How likely are you to use this feature yourself?