* 1. Does your Region have an apparel program for members?

* 2. Please rate how likely you would be to purchase an item at the SCCA National Convention that has one of the following logos on it:

  Not Likely Somewhat Likely Likely Very Likely
Convention Logo
Club Racing Logo
Road Rally Logo
RallyCross Logo
Solo Logo
Time Trials Logo

* 3. Please rate your satisfaction of the available hours the booth is open during convention:

* 4. If the booth were open on Thursday afternoon, during registration, how likely would shop during this 1pm - 5pm time?

* 5. What are the favorite items you like to see at the booth?

* 6. What would you like to see available at the SCCA Merchandise booth at convention?

* 7. Please rate the following items based on your interest:

  Not Interested Somewhat Interested Interested Very Interested
Polo Shirts
Dress Shirts
Children's Items
SCCA Swag Items

* 8. Rate your satisfaction with the following:

  Poor Average Good Above Average Excellent
Sizes Available at Convention
SCCA Logo Merchandise Pricing
SCCA Logo Merchandise Quality

* 9. Please provide any other comments regarding SCCAGear as the licensed SCCA Merchandise Partner: