Festivals and the public debate

The world is in turmoil and many people call for action. Should music festivals play an active role in evoking the public debate?
Please let me know what you think. In what way are you involved in the music festival industry? (musician, festival goer, organizer, technician, working in the festival related hospitality industry etc.). Feel feel to make a selection of questions that you'd like to answer. We’d like to use the contributions that give food for thought most in our festival book titled MUSIC BRINGS US TOGETHER (ISBN 9789491525667). Thanks in advance for your time!

* 1. In what way are you involved in the music festival industry?

* 2. What does the festival of the future look like?

* 3. What is the role of festivals in regards to engaging its visitors politically?

* 4. The environment is a hot topic among festival goers. How do you think festivals could contribute to a more environmentally friendly and conscious event?

* 5. One drink or pill leads to another one. What policy should the ideal future festival carry out in regards to alcohol and drugs?

* 6. Should festivals program a wide range of artists or stick to one genre?

* 7. What is your email address? 

* 8. What is your name?