1. Introduction

Dartmouth Partners in Community Service (DPCS) is a valuable internship program managed by the Tucker Foundation in coordination with 16 Dartmouth Classes. Its mission is to inspire Dartmouth students to join Dartmouth alumni/ae and their families in addressing problems facing our society. The program is designed to financially support undergraduates pursuing community service internships during off terms and to provide them a local alumni contact as a mentor.

The purpose of this survey is to create a database of alumni/nae who would be willing to serve as a mentor. Please be assured the information obtained from this survey will be held in confidence and will be accessible only to the DPCS Board of Directors and the Tucker Foundation Program Officer. Students will NOT have access to the database. A mentoring coordinator from the Board would contact you with more information if you were to be matched with a student.

For more information about the role of a mentor, please go to the following website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~dpcs/?page_id=9#Individual