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Welcome to My Survey

I am so excited to have the honor of your participation in my research on women and men in the U.S. water industry!

To clarify, this survey is intended for participants whom are employed in ANY water-related field: water, sanitation, storm water, water and wastewater treatment/distribution/collection/engineering, rainwater harvesting, smart water, source water protection, regulatory, conservation, non-profit, etc., except those employed in the bottled water industry.  This is NOT intended for participants whom are employed in any aspect of the bottled water industry.  For simplicity, throughout this survey all water-related fields will be collectively referred to as just “water” or “the water industry”.

I estimate that the survey will take you 20 minutes to complete. Please ensure you have enough time to complete the survey prior to beginning, you will not be able to save your responses and return to the survey to complete it at a later time. Your participation is extremely critical to understanding women and men in water and making everyone’s experiences in the water industry positive and fulfilling.  You are literally paving the way for future generations of water professionals!

As a reminder, this study is conducted by me, Brianna Huber, Her2O™ International-Executive Director/Western Illinois University Graduate Student-Department of Business and Technology, as part of the requirements to complete my graduate degree, and Dr. Susan Stewart-Professor in Business-Department of Management and Marketing from Western Illinois University.

For questions about this research, please email or  

Our website,, is currently under construction, but we hope you will bookmark it for future exploration. To learn more about Her2O™ International now, please follow us on Facebook @her2ointernational.

I understand your time is precious and valuable, and when you complete the survey you can choose to be entered into a drawing to receive one of 25 Amazon gift cards, ranging from $15-$50!