MOROCCO HIGHLIGHTS Group Trip Application

Dying to go to Morocco but worried about going alone (or just want to experience it with other cool travelers)? Then join this Group Trip for a fun and unforgettable taste of all of the best highlights of this enchanting country!

We'll take comfy buses around to the best destinations, including Chefchaouen (the Blue City), Fes, Casablanca, and Marrakech! We'll stay in real riads and get a local's perspective of each area!

* 1. Name

* 2. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 3. Age (sorry)

* 4. Job/Life Title (Ok to be unemployed)

* 5. Instagram handle (or other social media that I can stalk you on)

* 6. Have you traveled to a Muslim country before?

* 7. Are you comfortable taking public transportation with others?

* 8. Are you Ok with sharing a room with 1-2 other people?

* 9. Do you have a friend/partner also applying, if so, what is their name?

* 10. Please list ANY AND ALL personal health/mental/dietary things you may have (i.e. I'm an outgoing introvert and a pescatarian)