Share your ideas on how we should celebrate our labour history!

Planning an Anniversary is a big job, even bigger when it’s your 100th.  

CUPE Local 5167 is starting the planning process to celebrate our 100-year Union History in 2018.

We are looking for YOUR input and help. 

* 1. Share your anniversary event ideas (examples: formal dinner, wine and cheese, picnic, etc.

* 2. Other suggestions on ways to celebrate our labour history? (posters, calendars, etc.)

* 3. Do you have any old photos, documents or access to equipment that shows our proud history?  Do you have pictures of Hamilton NUPSE, Local 5 or 167 Members at work?  We’d love to see and display pictures from Rally’s, Picket Lines, Conventions, on the job, Etc.!!  Maybe your grandparent’s were members who can talk about working back in the “good old days”.

* 4. Love to plan parties?  Have interview skills and love talking to people?  Are you creative with a bit of time to spare? 
We are going to need people to help plan and execute an amazing event.  Let us know if you would like to volunteer…

* 5. Please provide your Name, Contract Number and email address.
Thanks you! We look forward to celebrating 100 years!