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Deadline:  Thursday, May 25, 2017

The 50 for 50 Arts Inspiration Awards are designed to recognize programs, individuals and organizations critical to the arts in Virginia. These inspirations may have played an important role in the past 50 years, they may serve as today's leaders and exemplars, or they may be today's visionaries, leading the way to a bright future.  Please take a few minutes to complete this form for Exemplary Programs and Pinnacle Events.   

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Nominator Information Enter your own information so we know who is nominating this program/event for an award.

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Nominee Information: Enter the information about this program/event you are nominating for an award.

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* 5. Nominee Mailing Address (If the nominee no longer lives in Virginia, also include the location where nominee resided while living in the Commonwealth).

* 6. If the nominee is an arts event/program, when was it founded?

* 7. For current VA Nominees- please provide the number of the Virginia House, Senate and the U.S. Congressional district in which the nominee/organization is located. The specific street address of your nominee determines these numbers. If you do not know the numbers of the State or U.S. Congressional district in which your nominee is located, visit:

* 8. Why does this nominee deserve the award in this category? IMPORTANT: Please address the award criteria in the nominee’s category.  Text can be copied and pasted from a word document. 
Limit 1 page or 500 words using 12 pt. type.

* 9. Provide at least 2 links to supporting sites (e.g. organization’s website, online articles, news clippings, Youtube videos, Vimeos).  Please ensure that the links can be readily accessed.


* 10. Regional Information- please identify the nominee's/organization's region of residence:

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Virginia Commission for the Arts 50 for 50 Arts Inspiration Awards.   A panel will be reviewing submissions in July with awardee notification in late summer. 
For any questions regarding your 50 for 50 submission please contact Burnette S. Sales at 804.225.3132 or