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Welcome to the 50+20 project – a joint initiative by WBSCSB, GRLI and PRME to develop a break-through report on a radically new vision of management education for the future to be presented at the U.N. Earth Summit RIO+20 in Rio in 2012.

Seriously! This is not just another report - what we aim at is to provide the community of business schools with a WAKE-UP CALL. For this, we from the inside (a few passionate deans and professors) and you from the outside - the stakeholders who are concerned about the impact and effect of management education - need to work together. Completing this survey is YOUR WAY OF MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

We want to capture your critical thinking and key considerations of your mind and heart, your personal wisdom. We hope to use language that makes sense to you. When we say "global" we mean issues that concern both society and the planet, and not globalization as such. THANK YOU for taking 20 minutes to complete this survey!

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