We appreciate your time in completing this form.  This recommendation is confidential and will not be made available for parent review.  Your input is invaluable and will help the Admissions Committee determine if EDS is the best fit for this child.

* 1. Name of Student and Current Grade:

* 2. How long have you known this student?

* 3. Name of Current School:

* 4. Please compare to students you have taught:

  Exceed Expectations Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Not Observed in this Area
Academic ability
Independent work
Participation in class discussions
Study habits
Organizational skills
Attentive to task
Capacity for leadership
Attitude and cooperation
Maturity and stability
Intellectual curiosity
Care and concern for others
Creativity, original thinking
Completes assigned work
Initiative in seeking help
Respects property of others
Exhibits courtesy and respect
Shows self-confidence
Exhibits self-control in the classroom
Exhibits self-control on the playground
Verbal expression
Written expression
Note-taking skills

* 5. Please comment on the student's Emotional Development - how the student feels about him/herself, accepts limits and routines, makes transitions, handles frustration, relative maturity, personal appearance, conduct.

* 6. Please comment on the student's Personal Qualities - leadership, character, honesty, sense of humor, responsibility, concern for others, reliability, citizenship.

* 7. Please comment on the student's Interation with other students - cooperation, respect the right of others, willingness to share, like/disliked, takes responsibility for own actions, friendliness.

* 8. To your knowledge is the student involved in activities outside of school?

* 9. To your knowledge, are the parents cooperative and involved?

* 10. Is the parents' perception of the child compatible with the school's understanding of the child?

* 11. What are the first words the come to your mind when you think of this child?

* 12. To your knowledge, has this student ever been suspended or expelled from school?

* 13. What additional information would you like to share about this student?

* 14. Compared to other students in similar circumstances, how would you rate this student?

* 15. Your name:

* 16. May we contact you if we have further questions?