In this form, you will be asked to provide details about your 4d property, including information about previous and current ownership. Staff will use the information provided to produce a 4d Program New Owner Acknowledgment document. This document is required and will need a signature from the new property Owner and detail the obligations originally committed under the Participation Agreement and Declaration that were signed upon initial enrollment.

This form is intended to be used for any potential sale of a 4d property, including sales to a tenant or an individual earning up to 80%AMI who intend to owner occupy.
Please have the following information ready about the property's buyer. 
For Individuals: Please have the full name of the individual owner and contact information (email address and phone number). If married, you will be asked to provide the name of your spouse.
For Business Entities: Please provide the full name of the individual who is authorized to sign on behalf of the Business Entity. You will be asked to provide the Entity's Articles of Incorporation, Resolution, or other document showing that the individual is authorized to do so.

You will also be asked to confirm that your business is active and in good standing, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office.

For Trusts: Please provide the full name of the trustee(s). You will be asked to provide documentation of the trustee's relationship with the trust.
If the buyer is entering into a Contract for Deed relationship, a copy of the recorded contract document setting forth the contractual relationship of the interested parties must be provided.