1. Introduction

Welcome to this research project which revisits our visionary 4WResearch: Well What for Whom and Where from 2012.
The objective of this research is to identify the main global and regional trends experts may envisage in wellness motivated travel by 2025-2030. This is the continuation of our initial research published in 2012 titled 4WR Wellness Tourism 2020. You can access the results of that research here:  https://htww.life/download/4wr-wellness-for-whom-where-and-what-wellness-tourism-2020-full-research-report/

We are proud to recognise that most of our projections were proved to be realistic and many got realised.
We think that this is time to revisit the forecasts and suggestions formulated in 2012. The initial research indicated several trends and new considerations such as new products and highlighted significant regional differences.

In this wellness tourism research project we understand the following: Forms of tourism which aim to improve and balance all of the main domains of human life including physical, mental, emotional, occupational, intellectual and spiritual.

As the research partner Wellness Tourism Association highlighted wellness tourism is a specific division of the global tourism industry that is defined by the common goal of marketing natural assets and activities primarily focused on serving the wellness-minded consumer and those who want to be.

The primary motivation for wellness travels is to engage in preventative, proactive, lifestyle-enhancing activities such as fitness, healthy eating, relaxation, pampering and healing treatments. (UNWTO & ETC (2018): Exploring Health Tourism)

This online collection of data for this project has two main respondent groups:
1.     The key representatives of the academic community who have been actively researching the relationships between wellness, wellbeing and travel.
2.      The representatives of the wellness travel industry. These industry professional have been working in hospitality, in spas, in holistic retreats and wellness hotels and resorts.

Thank you for the support from the Wellness Tourism Association!

Your input and time will be much appreciated and kept confidential. The top line results of the survey will be sent to every participant. Please, allocate app. 15 min to complete the survey.

László Puczkó & Melanie Smith

For more information about the survey, please contact Laszlo at lpuczko@xellum.hu

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