Attendee survey

Thank you for coming to the third annual Key Pen Parks' Fourth of July Community Hot Dog Social. Thank you to our main sponsors for making this day possible: Food Markets of Key Center & Lake Kathryn, KP Business Association, Angel Guild Thrift Store and Peninsula Light Co., United Way of Pierce County, Greater Gig Harbor Foundation, Grace Church, Purdy Cost Less Pharmacy, EasterSeals WA, and Aspen Land Surveying, LLC.  

We would love your ideas and feedback on your experience at this year's event. Below is a quick anonymous survey you can fill out to let us know what you liked and how we might be able to improve this event next year. (Note: Next year's event will be at Gateway Park.)

Thank you so much for your time in completing this survey!

* 1. Please enter your zip code.

* 2. What was your favorite part of the 2017 Fourth of July Community Hot Dog Social at Gateway Park?

* 3. Was there anything you disliked about the Fourth of July Community Hot Dog Social?

* 4. What feature or activity would you like to see added to future Fourth of July Community Hot Dog Socials?

* 5. Was this event too long, too short or just about right?

* 6. How did you learn about this event?

* 7. Overall, how would you rate this event?

* 8. Do you plan to attend this event again next year?

* 9. Would you consider helping in 2018? If so, please check your areas of interest.

* 10. Additional comments are welcome. We'd love your ideas for games, activities or other features that may improve this good old fashioned fun event!