1. CCE Allegany/Cattaraugus Volunteer Survey 3-2011

CCE Allegany Cattaraugus Volunteer Survey 3-2011

Please answer the follow to the best of your ability. We greatly appreciate your feedback. ** Please note that this info will be used for future planning and program growth opportunities.

Thank You.

* 1. How important do you feel it is for volunteers to receive training on the following topics?

  Not Important Neutral Very Important
4-H guidelines and policies
How to design experiential learning activities
How kids develop at different ages
Club management
Goal setting
How to involved 4-H members as teen leaders
How to involve 4-H parents in the club
How to design community service as a learning activity
How to help members set goals and evaluate their progress
How to keep members involved
Internet Safety
How to help kids become entrepreneurs
How to include career education in club activities
How to include character education in club activities
Conflict resolution
How to help youth learn project knowledge
How to recognize 4-H members' accomplishments
How to use community resources as part of learning experience, i.e. Challenger Learning Center, Airport, Park Staff, etc.

* 2. How to incorporate the following 4-H mission mandates into projects and activities:

  Not Important Neutral Very Important
Healthy Living
Science, Engineering, & Technology

* 3. Please share additional thoughts or ideas: