Get Ready for the 64-bit challenge!

The future is 64-bit and nothing else. 
Apple is expected to use only a 64-bit system, starting this summer. In addition, Windows 7 will end support and development on January 2020. 

There’s a very high probability your system will not work with the latest R versions of 4D. 
The time is now. We strongly recommend that you prepare yourself for this inevitable, upcoming change. Simply by forecasting this project into your 2020 budget and more importantly, taking this quiz at no charge to you, 4D will help make sure your system is up and running when 64-bit becomes the new orange.
Completing this ten-question survey, is the first step, to kicking-off this upcoming challenge. 
Following up, our 4D team will help you understand, address and prepare a plan of action.
Ready, Set, Go!

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* 1. Which operating system are you using for your applications?

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* 2. What version of 4D are you using?

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* 11. Please provide your contact information

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