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Thank you for your interest in improving 48th Street! To sign the following petition, please enter your name and fill in the requested information below. For those who like, we have a follow up survey after the petition. For background information, please see this post from the Garden Court Community Association

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Upon completion of the ongoing utility work, we ask that 48th Street be fully re-paved between Market Street and Kingsessing Avenue and that paving be accompanied by implementation of a holistic plan for the street, including traffic calming and pedestrian safety improvements, basic passenger amenities as bus stops, updating the long-faded bike lanes, pruning trees to improve stop sign visibility, and planting them where they are lacking today.

48th Street has not been paved in decades and the natural gas transmission line installation currently underway has only further degraded its condition. Replacing the status quo in kind, however, is not enough, and would be a poor use of limited public resources. 48th Street has been on the City of Philadelphia's High Injury Network and - as stakeholders on and around 48th Street - we witness dangerous driving behavior, near misses, and crashes that make it uncomfortable and unsafe, particularly for vulnerable users like children and seniors. Repaving is an opportunity to make changes that make the street work better for everybody.

The 48th Street Greenway Coalition does not propose a specific plan, but asks one to be developed quickly and collaboratively based on the priorities outlined. We value community connections, traffic and pedestrian safety, environmental sustainability, and thriving trees and gardens that create comfort and small joys in daily life.

Thank you.

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