Thank you for contributing your data to the advancement of 3D printing technology! NextFab Studio will use your information to publish complimentary performance comparisons and buyers guides for the benefit of the users and manufacturers of 3D printing technology. All information is anonymously collected.
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* 1. Please tell us where you are located

* 2. Please tell us which test coupon design you used

* 3. Please describe any thoughts or concerns you have with the test coupon design you used

* 4. Please describe the material you used to build the coupon

* 5. We'd like to know how long it took for your system to build the test coupon. Please note the start and end times and enter them here:

Time of raft or first layer:
Time last layer comlpeted:

* 6. What 3D printer hardware did you use for this test?

* 7. Please enter the firmware version number used to collect this data (please use the firmware author's numbering/naming scheme)

* 8. Please indicate which software components you are using to control your machine

* 9. Please enter the software version number used to build the test coupon (please try to use the software author's naming/numbering scheme)

Please measure your printed coupons as indicated here.

Please measure your printed coupons as indicated here.

* 10. Please enter your measurements in millimeters:

* 11. Please tell us what tools you used to measure the test coupon

* 12. If you have any additional thoughts about the build (unexpected results, qualitative observations, etc.), please express them here

* 13. Please describe any hardware or software customizations or techniques you use that you feel are helpful

* 14. Please make suggestions for improving our methods of measuring 3D printer performance and collecting the data