* 1. The goal of BmoreFail was to help create an environment where people feel freer to take risks and learn from mistakes. To what extent do you feel the conference achieved this goal?

* 2. How informative were the talks at BmoreFail?

  Extremely Informative Very Informative Somewhat Informative Slightly Informative Not Informative I Missed That One
The Virtues of Failure - Ron Schmelzer
The Psychology of the Fear of Failure - Dr. Daniel Wagner
Extreme Consequences - Dr. Paul Foster & Joe Boccuzzi
Taking the Plunge - Tracy Gosson
Why Non-Profits Fear Failure - Rodney Foxworth
Fail Off! - Michael Teitelbaum, Nigel Knowles, Greg Cangialosi, Marci DeVries, Newt Fowler, Tom Loveland
Killing Statler & Waldorf - Baltimore Improv Group
Capital Failure - Robert Rosenbaum
Security Failure - Hart Rossman
Learn to Fail - Pat O'Shea & Andrew Coy
Peaks and Valleys - Bryan Sivak

* 3. Was too much information covered at the event, too little information covered, or about the right amount of information covered?

* 4. How easy was it to find information about what was happening at BmoreFail?

* 5. How comfortable did you feel at BmoreFail?

* 6. How comfortable did you feel asking questions only via text message?

* 7. How free did you feel to make mistakes at the event?

* 8. How did BmoreFail compare to your expectations of the event?

* 9. Should gb.tc hold another fail conference? Why or why not?

* 10. What else can be done to increase risk tolerance in Baltimore?