Emergency Department Transfer Communication Data (EDTC)

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy asks for completion of 45 records, no more than that or total number of transfers if not equaling 45. Please input the data from your EDTC Hospital Report into the boxes below.  Remember to use the numerator (N) and NOT the percentage when entering data.  No entry should be greater than 45 and no letters, decimals or percentages.

There are additional resources on the ICAHN Home Page under the Resource tab:  www.icahn.org/resources/mbqip

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* 1. Hospital Data

* 2. Number Records Reviewed (Required N=45 or all transfers in this quarter)

* 3. EDTC-1:  Administrative Data

* 4. EDTC-2 Patient Information

* 5. EDTC-3 Vital Signs

* 6. EDTC-4 Medication Information

* 7. EDTC-5 Physician/Practitioner Generated Information

* 8. EDTC-6 Nurse Generated Information

* 9. EDTC-7 Procedures and Tests

* 10. All EDTC Measures