2017 Awards Nominations

This year Compass Community Center would like to start recognizing some key players in the Pride Business Alliance. We'd like your recommendations on the Best Venue, Most Congenial member, and Above & Beyond member. Thanks for helping us honor members of our Pride Business Alliance; awards will be presented at the June mixer at Grandview Gardens. If you need to remember who is a member, visit the Business Directory at Compass' website (http://www.compassglcc.com/business-directory/).

~ Best Venue is for the location you thought was the best host for a Pride Business Alliance mixer in the past year.
~ Most Congenial member is for the best ambassador member or promoter of the Pride Business Alliance (member, not Compass staff). Who told you about the mixers or made you feel welcome?
~ Above & Beyond member is for the individual who is pushing forward LGBTQ rights and issues. This could be someone who is an advocate or someone who walks their talk. They may offer gender-neutral bathrooms or volunteer with LGBTQ projects. It doesn't have to be someone with high visibility; just the sort of person making a difference.

* 1. Best Venue for a Pride Business Alliance mixer over the last year:

* 2. "Most Congenial" Member - Who acts as an ambassador for the Pride Business Alliance?

* 3. "Above & Beyond" Member - Who makes a difference in LGBTQ issues?

* 4. Any additional comments or questions: