1. Vote in the Grazia and Observer Women Alternative Style Awards

* 1. Who’s your new fashion hero and why?

* 2. What’s your hot shop of the year and why?

* 3. What fashion ‘moment’ were you most excited about this year?

* 4. Eeek! What’s the 2008 trend you’re most surprised you wore…

* 5. And the 2008 trend you wished all year would just go away…

* 6. What’s been your ‘I’m wearing it and so is everyone else in the world I know’ fashion item of 2008?

* 7. Who’s the most surprising fashion force to emerge this year and why?

* 8. And who’s so not on your fashion list any more?

* 9. Finally, which designer made you want to practically bow-down on the floor and weep with his/her designs?